Pastor's Corner

April 2019

Dear Friends in Jesus

Life can be a drag sometimes. Worry, pain and problems of all kinds can weigh us down, sometimes to the point of making us feel as though we are about to be crushed. One of the heaviest burdens to carry is Satan's lie that says you are helpless and alone when you feel such burdens.

Satan can lie all he wishes, but his lies don’t change the facts. The fact is, we are not left helplessly alone to bear life’s burdens. In fact, there was a day long ago when one man took all the burdens and cares of all people on Himself. He was alone with the weight of the world literally bearing down on Him. This burden tore at Him, crushed Him, and squeezed the life from Him until He cried out in His terror and agony, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?”

Of course, I’m talking about Jesus. Jesus took all the burdens of life we too often try to carry ourselves – our short tempers, our selfishness, our lack of vision and failure to focus on the One who really is the Lord of our lives – Jesus took it all, and it killed Him. But that is not all.

On the third day a small group of heavy-hearted women led by Mary Magdalene went to the tomb where Jesus’ very dead body was laid. They looked in and saw and heard the greater truth. Death had not won. Sin did not prevail. The burden could not destroy Jesus – or us – for He had risen in victory just as He promised!

Jesus is our living Lord and Savior. Jesus is the victorious Lamb who was slain for us. That means there is no burden that can crush us now – now that we are connected to Him and His resurrection through faith.

We need such faith for living in a world full of burdens like debts, disease and death. We have that strength when we walk to the cross by faith, leave our burdens there in confession, and feel Him lift us again in the powerful Word of absolution He proclaims to us so powerfully in His Gospel gifts of Word and Sacrament.

The victory is won! The tomb is empty! Your life is new in Jesus! Live in His love and hang on to this truth by regular celebration of this Gospel with your fellow saints in worship and Bible Study. When life weighs you down, come back again and again and hear the Word that lifts your burdens and sets you free again: “Jesus lives! The Victory’s Won!”

In His Resurrection Power and Joy,

+Pastor Charlie Adams


Do you know someone who would like to know more about Jesus? ... the church? ...

What are Lutherans all about? How does Jesus influences our lives today? Invite them to join you in worship, and let them know I would be glad to talk with them, and if desired teach them the basics of the faith at a time convenient to them. Just give me call at 785-893-4387 any time.

Blessings to all for a grace filled year! +Pastor Charlie Adams