Adult - Bible Study

9:15am – 10:15am

Adult Bible Studies on Sunday

Summer Series begins Sunday, June 3 - Led by Pastor Adams      Fellowship Hall

"Things we really need to talk about, but too often don't."  - This is the overall theme for this summer's adult study/round table discussions each Sunday at 9:15am. It is from the Lutheran Hour Ministries, is video based, and discussion focused.

Regrets, Reality, Restoration - Regret is a haunting image seared deep into your memory. It's the tears rolling down your Mom's face because you left the faith to indulge the pleasures of youth. It's your boss's stern voice telling you that your addiction has cost you your job. It's the doctor telling you the friend injured in the car you were driving - is dead.

Regret is made worse by the reality of the consequences that torment us after the fact: shattered relationships, financial devastation, ruined health, absent friends. This study is all about regrets, reality, and restoration. It's not about forgetting the past, but redeeming the future. It's about receiving the peace and joy of God's forgiveness, which empowers you to live for God's glory and the good of your family, friends and neighbors. 

Session 2: I'm So Sorry

Other classes are offered on Sunday evening and throughout the week.

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